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Using a Professional Planner

Reunion Planners take the hassle out of planning a reunion, allowing the committee to take the credit and have fun...

10 Reasons to use a Professional Planner

Do you really want to sacrifice ALL your time planning your reunion?
It's always nice to plan a party - and then actually get to have fun at that party.

  1. Financing - Handling of all Accounting, Record Keeping & Deposits
  2. Who wants to do that?! Let the pro planner worry about the accounting and you just worry about the party!

    Pro Planners handle the costs, bills and deposits (they can run from $3,000 to $10,000).

    Limit the scope of your liability

  3. Experience
  4. Pro Planners bring more to the table than just decorations and table tents. Put their experience to work for you, rather than having to learn what to do and not to do on your first experience.

  5. Coordinating all Facilities, Entertainment & Catering Services
  6. Tell your planner what you have in mind for your event, and then let them do the leg work of contacting and contracting all the right people and places for your party to be just the way you want it.

  7. Website
  8. Many of these pro planners use ClassQUEST websites. You get the same great website with all the Premium Features, only you don't have to build and manage it!

    Some planning committees like to have a hand in maintaining the site. So join your planner as a co-administrator of the site.

  9. Promotion - Social Media, Printed Ads and Mailers, and Correspondence to Classmates
  10. Isn't keeping up with your own personal social media difficult enough?

    Printing and postage can be very costly. Keeping up with social media and email correspondence can be very time-consuming. Let your Pro Planner handle all this for you.

  11. Memory Book & Name Tags

    ClassQUEST Premium Subscription allows you to create a custom memory book from website content and print name tags for those who have RSVP'd. But it still requires some work, even after you've paid for the upgraded subscription. Pro planners that use our services will have the same access to memory book and name tag software, but will put all the finishing touches on it and take it to print for you.

  12. Arranging for a group photo to be taken at the reunion
  13. Wouldn't you rather be in front of the camera with your classmates, than behind it?

  14. Staffing the reunion at all evening events
  15. You should be inside mingling with your classmates, not standing at the door collecting tickets.

  16. Social Media
  17. Isn't keeping up with your own personal social media time-consuming enough? Let them handle posts, respond to messages, and manage all the reunion related social media.

  18. Event Delivery
  19. Statistics show that reunions planned by Pro Planners have  higher attendance on average, and are more likely to go off without a hitch. Let's face it...if you want to maximize the potential of your event without all the hassle, it's sometimes just easier to leave it to the pros.

Are you a professional planner?