Let us help you locate your missing
classmates quickly and easily!

ClassQUEST is the only service that allows you to search for your whole class at once, rather than having to search for each classmate “one at a time”.


Our specially-designed Missing Classmate Locator sifts through millions of records to track down the latest physical addresses (and phone numbers when available) of your classmates*. With your classmates’ addresses found, you can send them invitations to upcoming events and invite them to reunite with their class online.

*We do not provide email addresses, as they change frequently and are unreliable.
For Reunion Planners
For Professional Planners

Search results are returned quickly, sometimes even the next day!

We will have results for you in no more than 3-5 business days…but usually much quicker. Sometimes results are available the very next day!

Bulk discounts are available to professional reunion planners.
Please call for information.

Getting Started...

Download the Privacy Agreement and Sample Spreadsheet

Complete the Missing Classmates Spreadsheet as best you can. We can work with as little information as a first and last name, but a last known address is helpful.

Fax the Privacy Agreement to (954) 241-5054, and email us the completed spreadsheet to submissions@classquest.com

Receiving Your Results

We will notify you via email as soon as your results are ready, and include a link to pay online with a credit card. Once payment has been received, your results will be forwarded right away!

Classmate Privacy Assured


ClassQUEST takes you privacy and security online seriously...

The ClassQUEST Guarantee

If we do not find as many of your classmates as we expect, we will automatically discount the price you pay accordingly.

With last known addresses provided, we expect to and 80% or more of your classmates. With no last known addresses, we expect to find at least 70% of your classmates.

For example, if we expected to locate 80% and only and 70%, we automatically discount the price by 10%.

Our success rates are often much higher, but these are our minimums.. Guaranteed.