Offer your reunion committees more.

We leave the actual planning to the reunion committees and pros (that’s you!). Our tools and services are designed to compliment your planning business, used as if they we your own, freeing up your time to focus on the details and creating new memories.

Custom Design Services

Order custom design services including website design, facebook covers and profile logos, and many printing needs for the big event - all appearing and shipped as if they came directly from you!

Locate Classmates

We’ll locate all your missing Classmates at once and return their contact information to you with updated addresses and *phone numbers. (*phone when availabe).

Reunion Cruises

Whether you’re booking for 10 or 500, we can accommodate your Reunion Cruise needs. Additional options and activities for maximum fun. Inquire for more information.

Offer your reunion committees more.

Offer your classes our full array of services and tools - as your own - while saving yourself time and money.

Class Websites

Use ClassQUEST to build a free, fully-functioning custom website for each of your reunions. Start an online reunion in minutes…No skills required!

Class Facebook Pages

Coming Soon - Harness social media to connect classes, and sell tickets and merchandise directly on a facebook page, all from one admin page.

Design Services

Offer custom design services including website design, facebook covers and profile logos, and many printing needs for the big event - all appearing and shipped as if they came directly from you!

Batch Classmate Location

ClassQUEST is the only service that allows you to search for an entire class - or multiple classes - all at the same time. Results can be automatically uploaded to class websites!

Reunion Cruises

Offer Reunion Cruise packages to your classes and create their most memorable reunion yet. Additional options and activities are available to maximize fun.

Free Business Websites Website

Use any of our services and receive a free business website for a primary site, or use it to promote your business with ClassQUEST and further online.

Preloaded Profiles

If you can Provide Classmate info, we can preload it for you. Better yet, use our Classmate Locator Service and we can upload the results directly to a site!

Print Name Tags
& Mailing Labels

Print name tags for the big event!

Create Custom Memory
Books & Directories

Use website content to generate customizable Memory Books and Classmate Directories...

Larger Photos

Maximize the visitor's experience by displaying photos at the largest possible size.

Upload Music

Load the website with the music that will take you back...

Custom URLs

Offer custom class URLs, which we can even set up for you!

Multi-Level Admin

Appoint committee members as site adminstrators and designers, Allowing them access to maintain, update and promote the site, while you focus on the important stuff... Their big event and nances.

Easy Duplicate Designs

Once a website is created just the way you like it, use the “copy” function to create a new site with the same design for each of your other classes. Just change the particulars, such as school name, colors, grad year, and pricing.

Quick Data Entry

Upload classmate data and yearbook photos all at once. Broadcast updates and news to all classmates via our broadcast email system.

Build a free, customized website

Having a website to connect your classmates and tell them about upcoming events is the first step to a successful reunion!

Have you entered your details? If not, click on the Sign Up link and join today! If you are not a member of this class but would like to stay informed about our reunion, please sign the guestbook by clicking the link to your left.

We hope that you'll participate in all the events planned for the reunion weekend (check out the Events page for more information. Your classmates are looking forward to catching up with you!

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion!

Try it for your class!

With our easy-to-use design wizard, you can pick a template, quickly tailor it to your school, and have a website ready to go in minutes.

Enter your Class Info:
Choose a template from
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Choose a color:
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Begin your free QUEST!

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Let us help you locate your missing
classmates quickly and easily!

ClassQUEST is the only service that allows you to search for your whole class at once, rather than having to search for each classmate “one at a time”.


Our specially-designed Missing Classmate Locator sifts through millions of records to track down the latest physical addresses (and phone numbers when available) of your classmates*. With your classmates’ addresses found, you can send them invitations to upcoming events and invite them to reunite with their class online.

*We do not provide email addresses, as they change frequently and are unreliable.

Search results are returned quickly, sometimes the next day!

We will have results for you in no more than 3-5 business days… Usually much quicker. Sometimes results are available the very next day!

Receiving Results

We will notify you via email as soon as your results are ready, and include a link to pay online with a credit card. Once payment has been received, your results will be forwarded right away!

Classmate Locator Details

Free Business Websites

Need a new look for your business? You can use our website builder to create a new business website for yourself, absolutely free!

  • All the same easy to manage features as the individual class websites only customized for your business.

  • If you use our website and/or facebook tool for each of your classes, links to those pages are automatically posted on your business website each time you create a new class site.

Why is ClassQUEST free?

Other sites charge a fee to use even their basic services. We think there’s a better way.

We offer two different levels of subscription - the "Basic Subscription"

and the optional, upgraded "Premium Subscription."


As a pro planner, you need the best tools available.

So we offer our pro planner customers Premium...for free.

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Premium Subscription - Free!

We do not charge planners a fee to use our tools and services. And we give them all of our "Premium Features" free! However, we do have to keep the lights on, so we require subscribers who are planning an upcoming event to offer their tickets online using our secure online credit card processing system.

A 6% servicing fee is added to the purchaser's subtotal at the point of checkout, or it can be built into your online price. See what this might look like by using the calculator below. Try using both the "Add to total" and "Build into price" options to see the difference.

Ticket Price Calculator

Enter amount to collect per ticket:
Main Event Ticket $50
Subtotal $50
*Processing Fee $3
Total $53
Safe Shopping
Add to total Build into price

How do I receive money collected?

We forward your payments to you twice per month in the form of a check - sooner if needed.
Our Premium Subscription offers even more options.

Planner Sites Upgraded to Premium - No Charge!

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Build Free, Full-Featured Websites
Sell Tickets and Merchandise Online
Email & RSVP Management
Unlimited Messages and Photos
Classmate Profiles
Upload Music to the Site
Print Name Tags
Print a Custom Memory Book
We'll Upload Classmate Profiles for You
We'll Upload Yearbook Photos for You

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