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Our class reunion was a HUGE success, and many people felt it was due to this terrific website. We are definitely going to renew for another 5 years
Ann Keckonen, Organizer North High School 50th Class Reunion
I can't say enough good things about your class reunion website service! It is easy to use, web payments are delivered in a timely manner, and I have been extremely happy!
Lee Meyers, Organizer Carlson High School 1977
It was very easy to start and provided everything my classmates wanted …
Mike Haley, Organizer Traverse City Senior HS 1977
You truly provide the best customer service of any website provide I have ever worked with.
Gloria Jerman, Organizer Coldspring High School 1989-81
The set-up was as simple as anything, and I get so many positive comments from our classmates!
Susan Rowan, Organizer Valley Stream South HS 1977
The reunion website is awesome and I recommend it to all class presidents!
Curt Reha, Organizer Schuyler Central High School 2002
We have been extremely pleased with the reunion website. It's easy to use and has been a fabulous tool in putting together our reunion.
Joley Barber, Organizer Madison County High School 1987
Thank you so much for creating a user friendly website to help me plan my reunion! I have recommended it to several other people in charge of planning reunions.
Emily Douglass, Organizer C. Milton Wright HS 1997
I loved the website! We got so many compliments! I will definitely be using this again in 5 years …
Suzie Fox, Organizer Port Allegany HS 1991, 92, 93
Classquest was a life saver … I was very impressed with the features and many classmates complimented the committee on the web site. In addition, any questions that we had were answered immediately.
Alexa Edwards, Organizer Carver High School 1977
The website was, and still is, great! It helped make the planning of our reunion so much simpler. It was so simple to use and when I had trouble, the customer support was wonderful. Thank you!
Kristyn Beschman, Organizer Lloyd High School 1987
Thanks again for providing an easy to use and easier-to-communicate-with experience! I notice that your response time is incredible!
Danny Linden, Organizer New York School of Printing
I love the site — It has been perfect in getting everyone together! I have had nothing but compliments on the organization and how great the website looks.
Sheree Walker, Organizer Lemont Township HS 1997
We have received great comments on the website and how people have completely reconnected with old friends they had lost.
Tracey Terry, Organizer
This website has been a wonderful tool in our reunion planning!!
Carrie Cornett, Organizer Little Miami High School 1997


  • Classmate profiles
    Every classmate has his or her own profile, including Then & Now pictures, comments, and more!
  • Story Pages
    Classmates can upload stories, and even include a photograph. Organizers are alerted by email when new stories are posted, and must screen the story before it is placed on public display.
  • Photo Albums
    Classmates can upload photographs and captions to a shared photo album. Organizers are alerted by email when a new photograph is posted, and screen the photograph before it is placed on public display.
  • Event details
    Organizers may create profiles for one or more events, each including descriptions, times and dates, locations, contact info, maps, prices, and so on.
  • Early bird pricing and discounts
    Events that require classmates to buy tickets may have multiple early bird prices, and discounts for multi-ticket purchases.
  • Message boards
    A message board allows classmates to have conversations online, although separated by time and space!
  • Then & Now photos
    Each classmate may post Then and Now photographs, or classmates or organizers can post yearbook photographs.
  • Guest book
    Class reunion web sites may optionally display a guestbook for non-alumni to join in the fun. Guest book entries are screened by organizers before being posted.
  • Surveys
    Every classmate has his or her own profile, including Then & Now pictures, comments, and more!
  • Questionnaires & Surveys
    Organizers may post questionnaires and surveys that classmates can complete online. Results are accumulated and displayed for organizers, or can be made available to classmates.
  • Event count down
    Your welcome page will display a count down of the days to your class reunion event!
  • Music
    Upload a music file to your Welcome page … perhaps a popular song from your graduating year?
  • Purchase tickets and products
    Classmates may purchase event tickets and class reunion products online using a major credit card!


  • Various styles
    Several web site presentations are available … just choose the style you want, no skills required!
  • Dynamic titles
    Choose your own page titles, and the text of the links that classmates use to navigate your site.
  • Search engine optimization
    Your class reunion web site is optimized to help search engines identify your class reunion … the more your web site has intenet visibility, the more classmates you will track down!
  • Email broadcasts
    Broadcast emails to all your classmates and guests … there is no easier way to keep them informed!
  • Screening
    Completely control the contents of your class reunion web site. Every posted photograph, story, caption and profile is screened by you before appearing on the web site.
  • Domain names
    Purchase a custom domain name for your class reunion web site … we can set this up for you in seconds. Or, associate an existing domain name with your class reunion web site!
  • Sponsors
    Optionally invite classmates to sponsor your class reunion web site, providing additional income to cover reunion expenses, or use the proceeds to buy a custom domain name for your class reunion web site!
  • Order tracking
    Receive email alerts for each incoming order, together with invoice copies and buyer profiles. View summaries of all orders purchased and payments made.
  • RSVP tracking
    For each event, view summaries of numbers attending, including requests for name tag and special needs.
  • Customized RSVPS
    Customize your RSVP process … when RSVP'ing online, you can have your classmates take short surveys and questionnaires, submit classmate profiles, and upload Then and Now photographs.

Premium Sites

Premium subscriptions are just $90 per year for access to exciting additional features:

  • Payment options
    Choose between several payment systems, including payments deposited directly into your PayPal account (pay no ClassQUEST fees), and/or accept check payments (no fees) or a combination.
  • New Classmate scroller
    Display recently registered classmates in a scroller on your Welcome page!
  • Welcome page photo preview
    Display a slide show preview of recently uploaded photograph right on you home page!
  • Chat room
    Display a real-time chat room exclusively for your classmates! Use it to allow your committee to hold discussions, or invite classmates to connect to old friends — live!
  • Music files
    Play an MP3 or WAV music file on your welcome page … a song from your era!
  • … and more!
    Other features include advanced formatting options; ability to deactivate payment system; and access email broadcasts and similar features even after the reunion event.


Indio HS/Classes of 82,83,84 Mira Loma HS/Class of 1986 Cerritos HS/Class of 1983 - 30 Year Reunion San Gorgonio/Classes of 1982 & 1981 James Logan HS/Class of 1982 Pacific HS/Class of 1963 Riverside Poly - Class of 1963 Goodtime2012Start/Reunionname Pacific HS/Class of 1983 Eisenhower High/Classes of 1982 (80-81) Whittier High/Class of 1962 San Gorgonio HS/Class of 1973 Indio HS/Class of 1992 - Twenty Year Reunion Pomona High/Class of 1973 Indio High/Class of 1981 James Logan HS/Class of 1983 Reunion at the Row Woodside High/Class of 1970 Riverside Poly High /Class of 1982 Schoolname/Reunionname San Gorgonio High/66-67 Pomona HS/Class of 1962 Schoolname/Reunionname East Bakersfield HS/Class of 1971 Perris HS/Class of 1992 Norco HS/Classes of 69,70-71-72-73-74 /Norco HS - Class of 1977 Edison HS/Class of 1973 Poly HS/Class of 1983 - 30 Year Reunion Riverside Poly HS/Class of 1962 Santiago HS -Class of 1982 / Phineas Banning HS/Class of 1963 Lakewood HS/Class of 1963 - 50th Reunion Pasadena HS/Class of 1963 Notre Dame & St. Francis/Classes of 1968-1977 Clovis West/Class of 1990 Bloomington High/Classes of 86,87,88,89 Don Lugo/Class of 1992 Chaffey HS/Class of 1962 Ramona HS/Classes of 1982 & 1983 Pasadena High/Class of 1963 Montclair HS/Classes of 1970-1974 San Marcos HS/Class of 1967 Pacific HS/Classes of 1993 & 1994 John W. North/Classes of 1971 & 1972 Schoolname/Reunionname Ramona HS/Class of 1972

COLORADO (CO) Reunions


Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS/Class of 1992 Oak Ridge HS/Class of 1987 Northeast HS/Class of 1969 Leto HS/Class of 1981 Miami Norland HS/Class of 1982 Gaither HS/Class of 1992 Dunedin HS/- Class of 1969 Lake Brantley HS/Class of 1992 Jones HS/Class of 2003 Palm Beach HS/Class of 1964 Miami Jackson HS/Class of 1962 Hernando HS/Class of 1992 Santaluces Community HS/Class of 1993 Robinson HS/ReuKnighted - Class of 2003 Gaither HS/Class of 2000 King HS/Class of 1992 Palm Bay HS/Class of 1999 T.R. Robinson HS 1961-65/Robinson Knight Gathering V 2009 Middleburg HS/Class of 1992 Hillsborough HS /Class of 1992 Plantation HS/Class of 1972 Leto HS/Class of 1992 West Orange HS/Class of 2002 Blake HS/Class of 2000 Palm Bay HS/Class of 1990


Mount Paran Christian School/Class of 1992


Athens Community HS in Illinois/Class Years 1920-2013 St Frances Of Rome/Class of 1963


Shawnee Heights HS/Alumni Association


Gaithersburg 1975/Class of 1975 Connelly School of the Holy Child/Class of 2002 Springbrook HS/Class of 1973 St Theresa's Convent HS/(CHS) Reunion Sharon Marie Skincare/


Walled Lake HS/Class of 67, 68, 69 Class of 1978/Trenton HS - Trenton, MI Hudson HS/Class of 1966 Alma HS/Class of 1972 Trenton HS/Class of 1983 St. Andrew HS/Class of 1962 55th Reunion


Robbinsdale HS/Alumni Association Hopkins Class of 1972/Lindbergh and Eisenhower! Robbinsdale/Cooper/1965 45th


St. Charles HS/Class of 1992


Bozeman HS/Class of 1992


Cape Fear HS/Class of 1986


Dunoon Technical HS/Our Reunion Web Site White Plains HS/Alumni Association


Parma HS/Class Of 1989 Revere HS/Classes of 1968 and 1969 John Adams HS/Class of 1961 Cuyahoga Falls HS/Class of 1959 Shaw HS/Class of 1965 Shaker Heights HS/Class Of 1989 Buchtel HS/Class of 1963 Maple Heights/Class of 1992 Revere HS/Class of 1979 Kenmore HS/Class Of 1989 Wooster HS/Class Of 1989 Kenmore HS/Class of 1970 Stow HS/Class of 1961 Wadsworth HS/Class of 1970 Firestone HS/Class of 1971 Kenmore HS/Class of 1990 Stow HS/Class of 1990 Midview HS/Class Of 1989 Canton McKinley HS/Class of 1966 Eastlake North/Class of 1972


Northwest Classen HS/Class of 1959

Wingham Public School/Class of 7 & 8 1955-6


University of Oregon/Delta Tau Delta, Class of 1966 - 1973


Bethel Park/1980


Antilles HS/Class of 1987


East Ridge HS/Class of 1982


Banquete HS/BHS Reunion Classes '31 TO '99


Washington-Lee HS/Class of 1960 50th Reunion


Oak Harbor HS/Class of 1987


Jakarta International School/JIS HS Reunion

Create your Class Reunion Website Today!

FREE — No Skills Required!

Yes, your class reunion website really is free, and full-featured! There are no storage space or bandwidth limits, and no hidden fees. Your classmates can post individual profiles, and photographs and stories, communicate via message boards — absolutely everything your classmates need to make the class reunion website experience fun and fulfilling!

As the organizer you have free access to essential reunion administration tools … so you know who's coming to what, how much they've paid, whether they have name tag or special needs requests, and so on. Use our customizable questionnaires to poll your classmates to find out what's been going on over the years, what they'd like to have at the reunion, or just for fun! You can even broadcast email messages to your entire class.

Basic Subscription features

  • Closed or open community websites.
  • Easy to use design wizard. No technical skills required. Create class reunion websites in minutes.
  • Online reunion registrations and merchandise shopping cart.
  • Accept online RSVPs to events, including secure online payment using Most Major Credit Cards.
  • Broadcast email to all classmates simultaneously
  • Message and Story Boards
  • Unlimited Photos can be uploaded by the organizer of classmates to Unlimited Photo Albums.
  • Security - all photos, message board entries, and stories must be authenticated by the organizer before they are posted to the site
  • Create a survey/questionnaire for your classmates to fill out to help you find out more about your old friends or to add to a memory book.
  • Use your own custom URL or use

Premium Subscription features*

  • Classmate Profiles - There is no better way to make your classmates feel more welcome when they first visit their reunion website than to have their profile already created, complete with their yearbook photo. For Premium Subscription members, we will upload all of your classmate profiles and photos for you in advance! Just send us the info.
  • Print name tags classmates and guests for the reunion, complete with their yearbook photo or your school logo if you choose, right from your browser
  • Print customizable Memory Books and Class Directory using some or all of your website content
  • Upload any kind of music, such as your alma mater fight song, you graduation theme song, or a song from "your classes era" to your website
  • Display classmate slideshows using yearbook photos
  • Classmates can chat in your real-time chat room
  • Accept payments using PayPal
* Premium features are available only to our "Premium Subscription" website holders. The cost is a flat fee of $90 per year to upgrade from a "Basic Subscription" which is absolutely free, to a "Premium Subscription."

Plus, we are constantly upgrading and adding features. Coming soon in 2010 — Customizable E-Vites Printable Invitations, a complete set of reunion resources (caterers, bands, DJs, etc.), and much, much more!

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Why it's FREE …

ClassQUEST is able to offer this free service by charging your classmates a 6% (minimum $3) processing fee when they pay for tickets or merchandise using our secure online payment service. Payment balances are mailed to you twice-monthly.

Note that we do provide optional services for which payment is required. For example, you can purchase a custom domain name for your web site. You can also purchase a Premium subscription which, for example, allows you to accept a variety of payment types, some of which do not incur the ClassQUEST processing fee.

Check us out!

Before creating your class reunion website, visit some of the reunions that have created ClassQUEST class reunion websites by clicking any of the Sample Sites links in the scrolling box above right. Then, when you are ready, we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions … click the link below to view the FAQ.Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions Close

What does it cost to purchase my class reunion website?
Are there restrictions on the number of pages, amount of storage, or the number of hits?
Do you charge any fees at all?
Yes. When visitors use the secure online checkout for to pay for class reunion events or class reunion merchandise then a processing fee of 6% (minimum $3) applies to each transaction. You can include this in the prices you set for tickets and merchandise, or we can add it to the visitor's total — your choice.

You may also purchase a custom domain name or a Premium subscription, both of which are optional but require additional payments (see below for more details), and a fee that is levied if your classmates purchase site Sponsor Boxes — see below for more information on each of these options.

How do funds get transferred back to me?
When your classmates make online purchases, their credit cards are billed by ClassQUEST on your behalf. ClassQUEST then sends you twice-monthly checks for all purchases made on your class reunion website, minus the 6% ($3 minimum) per transaction processing fee.

As a security measure for those who are paying online using ClassQUEST's secure online credit card processing system, ClassQUEST reserves the right to withhold the first $500 of online payments as a security deposit until the legitimacy of a committee and its intent to hold a reunion event can be confirmed. Read More

Can I instead have visitors pay directly into the organizing committee's PayPal account?
Yes. You do not have to use our credit card processing system, but can instead have your classmates make payments directly into your PayPal account. In this case, you do not pay the ClassQUEST processing fee. (However, you may incur PayPal fees.) In order to do this you must purchase a Premium site and register your PayPal credentials with ClassQUEST. There is a $90 per year charge for a Premium subscription.
How do I upgrade to a premium subscription?
After creating your class reunion web site, you may upgrade to a Premium Subscription at any time. This provides additional features that you may find useful, the ability to accept PayPal payments directly into your account. Premium features »
For a basic website, can I deactivate the online payments system or tell my visitors to send me a check?
No, on a basic (that is, non-Premium) website you cannot deactivate the payment system, and the terms and conditions of use prohibit encouraging your classmates to pay you by check or money order. (For the latest Terms and Conditions for basic websites, click here.) We are able to offer class reunion sites for free because we charge your visitors a processing fee of 6% on all online transactions. Websites must be set up to accept payments at least three months in advance of the reunion to qualify for a free basic subscription. Otherwise, you must upgrade to a Premium Subscription.

For many class reunions, this arrangement is convenient since record-keeping is simple and centralized. On the other hand, if you upgrade to a Premium subscription then you can elect have the payments automatically deposited directly into your committee's PayPal account (without incurring the ClassQUEST processing fee), provide instructions for classmates to pay by check or money order, upload a registration form in PDF or Word format, or deactivate the payment system entirely.

Will the class reunion website contain ads and banners?
Currently we do not display ads or banners, but we reserve the right to do so in the future.
How long will my class reunion website be available?
The web site will be visible on the web as long as it continues to attract visitors. However, for non-Premium sites, although your class reunion website will remain accessible to classmates, ClassQUEST limits certain services after one year, or after your reunion event. For example, ClassQUEST limits the addition of new classmates or photographs, and restricts your ability to make unlimited email broadcasts to your classmate database once your site has expired.
Can I accept online payments for my class reunion event?
Yes. Alumni may pay using a major credit card. A processing fee of 6% (minimum $3) applies to each online payment. If you have a Premium site, then online payments may optionally be made directly into your reunion's PayPal account, in which case the ClassQUEST online processing fee does not apply.
Can I sell class reunion merchandise on my web site?
Yes. You can sell photo albums, mugs, T-shirts … anything related to your reunion, provided
How do Sponsor Boxes work?
Sponsor Boxes allow your classmates to sponsor your class reunion web site. The proceeds from sponsorships are credited towards the purchase of a Premium subscription. Learn more about Sponsorship »

Sponsor Boxes may be purchased by visitors to your reunion web site. They appear at the base of the Welcome page of your class reunion web site. The proceeds from sales of Sponsor Boxes are credited towards the cost of maintaining a Premium subscription.

Silver Sponsor


Joanne Smith
Can't wait to see y'all!
Gold Sponsor


Mark and Mary Devine (Dawson)
We hope you have a wonderful time!
We can't be with you this year since Mary
is expecting our 2nd. Best wishes!
Gold Sponsor with photo/logo


Gerri and Peter Cordon
Look forward to seeing
everyone in August!
Click image for bigger pic!

Your reunion committee can set the pricing for Sponsor Boxes purchased for their ClassQUEST reunion web site. However, in order that ClassQUEST can cover its costs, we require a minimum price of $9 for Silver sponsors and $15 for Gold sponsors.

Can I change the class reunion website address after I have created the web site?
Yes. Instructions for changing the web site address are available once you sign-in to administer your web site.
What type of pages can my class reunion website display?
There are many types of pages, including a welcome page, a classmates page of classmate profiles events pages, guest books, stories pages, photo albums, questionnaires, surveys, and many more class reunion-specific pages. And if the page you need is not in this list, you can custom build your own page!
Can I use a public custom class reunion website address ("domain")?
Yes. For example, if you purchase the domain, then visitors can access your new reunion web site at You can purchase a domain using the link on your organizer's home page or you may purchase a domain elsewhere and link it to your ClassQUEST class reunion website.
Can I make my website a closed community?
Yes. A closed community class reunion website means that your alumni must use a username and password to access the website. Usernames are issued automatically after the alumni make an online application to join the community, and once you have approved the application.
Your question not answered here?
No problem! You can email your question to us at or call us at 1-800-965-9020. Or you can use the online Help Desk once you sign in to administer your site.

Finally, when you know this is something you would like to try, click the Sign us up! link below. We will ask you questions about your class reunion website needs, and then create your class reunion website immediately! Sign us up!